I'm quite saddened today to hear of the passing of someone I used to coach basketball with back in Vancouver, Eric Ming. He was simply a truly inspirational mentor, role model, and coach to his team, and taught me a lot about toughness, mental fortitude, and purpose. He unfortunately lost an ongoing battle with leukemia recently.

It has definitely made me think about my motivations for doing research. Clearly my work is on the very fundamentals of biology, with the hope that a greater understanding of conserved mechanisms will provide a foundation for future discoveries, technologies, and therapies. On the other hand, this account encourages some thought on the merits and perhaps more personal motivations in therapeutic research. I'd like nothing more than to help others through my work. My thoughts on this are still unclear, but I'm sure I'll take some time to consider things while paying my respects to my my fellow basketball coach.

Rest in peace, Eric, and thank you.