Two more new lab papers!

Minghao and Fabien from our Cell Fate and Gene Regulation Laboratory at the Francis Crick Institute have published, respectively, new papers on how temporal control of a master regulator (IME1) drives sporulation in budding yeast, and how transcription of the mating-type regulated lncRNA IRT1 (which helps control IME1 transcription) is governed by the TORC1 and PKA signaling pathways. Definitely a couple of good reads, and more exciting stuff in the works!

Temporal expression of a master regulator drives synchronous sporulation in budding yeast

Minghao Chia and Folkert J. van Werven

Transcription of the mating-type-regulated lncRNA IRT1 is governed by TORC1 and PKA

Fabien Moretto and Folkert J. van Werven