Two new papers from our lab!

Wow! My good friend Minghao, in collaboration with Elçin Ünal at the University of California, Berkeley, has published not one, but two articles in eLife! Read more below.

Transcription of a 5' extended mRNA isoform directs dynamic chromatin changes and interference of a downstream promoter

Our groups elucidated the transcriptional interference mechanism from a 5' extended long undecoded NDC80 transcript isoform upon its own mRNA. This effectively promotes dynamic changes in gene expression during cell differentiation.

Kinetochore inactivation by expression of a repressive mRNA

Our labs demonstrated how transcriptional and translational inhibitory mechanisms are integrated during meiosis to temporally restrict kinetochore function. The 5' extended long undecoded NDC80 transcript isoform carries the canonical mRNA sequence, but directly causes gene repression instead.